Upcoming IMMERSION courses run by the AEDP Institute!
to Jun 30

Upcoming IMMERSION courses run by the AEDP Institute!

Location: Denver, New York, NY, Los Angeles, London, Vancouver BC

The AEDP Immersion course is intended for clinicians interested in AEDP as

a healing-oriented, transformation-based therapeutic model, in its

transformational theory and phenomenology, and in exploring AEDP’s

unique contributions to the treatment of attachment trauma. We also seek to

undo the clinician’s aloneness by working to foster a vibrant community of

like-minded and like-hearted others.

It is the vision of the course to bring together clinicians from different

perspectives who share an interest in AEDP specifically and/or in dynamic-

experiential work in general, but who also each bring his or her own very

special expertise, interest and experiences. In this way, not only will the

course be exciting and enlivening, but AEDP will continue to grow, be

enriched and enhanced by being in communication, or dyadic coordination

with these other lodes of knowledge and wisdom.

This course is a requirement for, and the recommended first step to, AEDP Certification.
Current and Upcoming Immersion Courses:

AEDP Immersion Fall 2019: Denver, CO USA SOLD OUT! To be added to the wait list please email admin@aedpinstitute.org . October 25 – October 29, 2019

AEDP Immersion Winter 2020: Los Angeles, CA USA Registration is Open
January 23 – January 27, 2020

AEDP Immersion Winter 2020: London, UK  Registration is Open
February 20 – February 23, 2020, Sponsored by Psychotherapy Excellence

AEDP Immersion Spring 2020: Vancouver, BC, Canada Registration is Open
Co-presented by Jennifer Edlin, MFT and Karen Kranz, PhD, R Psych

March 10 – March 14, 2020

 Follow this link to the Institute for more info: https://aedpinstitute.org/aedp-training/immersion-course/

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Being is the Doing:  Therapeutic presence in AEDP with Ben Lipton, LCSW
9:00 AM09:00

Being is the Doing: Therapeutic presence in AEDP with Ben Lipton, LCSW

Presence is essential to developing a highly attuned and mutually coordinated relationship—a fundamental requirement for deep human connection.  Therapeutic Presence is a way of being that reflects a therapist’s full, embodied engagement in the present moment in relationship with their clients.  This workshop will address the specific role of Therapeutic Presence in AEDP in the service of psychological healing and transformation. 

AEDP considers therapeutic presence not only as a relational precondition to therapy, but also as a deeply healing, affective change process in its own right.  From the get-go, AEDP therapists strive to actively and explicitly foster secure attachment by offering a new experience of emotional safety in the context of a relationship with a therapist who actively embodies the characteristics of a loving, attuned and self-possessed Other.  Rooted in attachment theory, the therapeutic stance of an AEDP therapist is welcoming, encouraging, affirming, transparent and explicitly emotionally engaged. It is focused not only on the patient’s intrapsyhcic experience, but also on the relational “we-ness” of the therapeutic process.    Parallel to the implicit processes of caregiver-infant security engendering attachment relationships, the explicit cultivation of Therapeutic Presence allows clients to acknowledge, explore and process the difficult and often painful terrain of relational trauma from the base of a safe and supportive therapeutic connection.  

Additionally, in the service of therapeutic change for the better, AEDP therapists allow themselves to be affected by their patients, and then harness these experiences, make them explicit, and work to help patients process the experience of having a real and meaningful impact on the therapist.  At the apex of AEDP’s conceptualization of therapeutic presence is the concept of the True Other, the relational counterpart to the True Self.  A patient experiences the therapist as a True Other in moments when s/he feels optimally understood, seen, felt, and validated. By making these moments explicit and processing their affective content dyadically, the AEDP therapist catalyzes True Other experiences to become agents of deep psychological transformation. 

This presentation will include clips from actual sessions of psychotherapy to illustrate work with Therapeutic Presence in AEDP and bring it to life in engaging and exciting ways.  By attending this seminar, you will:

  1. Specify 3 techniques for increasing Therapeutic Presence.

  2. Practice the skills of Therapeutic Presence to enhance your clinical practice.

  3. Identify the link between neuroscience research and Therapeutic Presence.

  4. Differentiate “being” from “doing” in the clinical application of Therapeutic Presence to AEDP.

  5. Summarize 2 ways that AEDP utilizes Therapeutic Presence in clinical treatment of attachment trauma.


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Advance your Practice with Ben Lipton, LCSW
9:00 AM09:00

Advance your Practice with Ben Lipton, LCSW

In this master class Ben Lipton will explore in more depth the topic of therapeutic presence via lecture, video, experiential exercises.

Advance your practice and take a deeper dive into the theme of Therapeutic Presence and Use of Self. The day will be an integration of didactic, clinical video and experiential practice with an emphasis on hands-on opportunities for experiential learning.

Please note this will NOT be a group supervision, as we have done in past master classes in Portland.


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2019/2020 Multi-Faculty Core Training (Sold Out)
to Jun 7

2019/2020 Multi-Faculty Core Training (Sold Out)

This multi-faculty Core Training will meet for 5 weekends over the course of the year (see dates below). The group will be limited to 11 participants to create group safety. Each weekend includes didactic and video presentation by the leading faculty member, followed by one hour for each group member to show tape of their own work and receive both faculty supervision and supportive feedback from group members. Core Training is one of AEDP’s most powerful learning experiences for integrating AEDP theory into your own clinical acumen.

Prerequisites for joining the Core Training group: a) completion of Immersion and/or Essential Skills 1 and b) you must be videotaping your client sessions as bringing your own video is an essential part of the training. Some core training groups are made up of individuals who are relatively inexperienced in AEDP; others are made up of relatively advanced AEDPers. Applications are required for the Training and every effort will be made to put together a cohesive group.

The Dates & Faculty will be as follows:

Dec 6-8th Karen Pando-Mars

Feb 7-9th Danny Yeung

April 3-5th Karen Kranz

May 15-17th Jenn Edlin

Jun 5-7th SueAnne Piliero

The cost of this 5 weekend workshop is $3250. If your application is accepted you will be contacted and a non-refundable $250 deposit will be requested.

Download the Application below to begin the registration process: (It should automatically download as a word file on your computer. you may then email it to programs@portlandaedp.org)

Join the Waitlist

Download Portland Core Training Application

For more information about Core Training visit: the AEDP Institute’s Website

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