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Jennifer Edlin, MFT: * SOLD OUT*

  • OMSI 1945 SE Water Ave Portland (map)


The Therapist as Organizing Other:

Regulating and building self-structure in dysregulated clients through an AEDP lens

Unwilled and unwanted aloneness in the face of overwhelming experience often leaves people feeling unbearably disconnected from self and other. For some, their response to this disconnection takes the form of sympathetic hyperarousal. We see this in our clients who are reeling rather than feeling and dealing. These clients are often easily flooded, impulsive, hypervigilent and overwhelmed by emotion, connection and experience. Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) fosters the healing of relational trauma through the use of the therapist’s self and the accompaniment of the client, processing together what was too much for the client to face alone.

Through tracking and helping to regulate the moment-by-moment somatic experience of the client, providing a secure base (and helping the client to make use of this base), and harnessing the innate drive within all of us to heal and transform, we as therapists can help our clients to move from dysregulation to deeper connection with self and other and a renewed sense of self-compassion and their own efficacy in the world.

This workshop begins with a brief introduction to AEDP, focusing on the questions AEDP therapists ask themselves to help orient their work with dysregulated clients. The workshop focuses on both theory and clinical technique, and makes extensive use of videotaped clinical work from actual client sessions to demonstrate the application of AEDP interventions and theory in work with dysregulated clients.

We look at work over the course of treatment, session by session with one client, and how treatment focus with dysregulated clients shifts overtime. We will explore together how to work towards creating a sense of safety, accessing and processing core affective experiences to completion, and finally metaprocessing the new experiences of self and other to allow a profound shift from older internal working models that led to dysregulation and a sense of overwhelm, to new ways of relating to self and other.

Primary topics of focus:

  • Exploring the questions AEDP therapists ask ourselves to apply the 9 fundamental mechachisms of change in AEDP to work with clients in session, with a focus on dysregulated clients

  • Using Siegel’s “Window of Tolerance” model and AEDP’s triangle of experience, tracking clients’ anxiety and how to make use of the information we receive moment-to-moment while tracking

  • Regulating anxiety by leaning into the therapeutic relationship as a base from which to regulate and, when necessary, building this base brick by brick through growing the client’s receptive affective capacity over time

  • Building self-structure and increasing self-compassion and the client’s capacity to self regulate through intra-psychic portrayals

  • Using metaprocessing, both to lean into transformational affects and also to weave cognitive understanding of a new story into the new experience to organize the new experience with the client.

About the presenter:

Jennifer Edlin, MFT, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Oakland, California. From the moment she attended her first AEDP Immersion Course, she was taken by AEDP and the permission to be authentic and to use the therapist's whole self in service of clients’ healing and transformation. Jenn serves as the co-chair and faculty liaison of the AEDP Research committee. She has also helped to spearhead the launch of the Berkeley Initiative for Mindfulness in Law at UC Berkeley Law. Her clinical interests include treating relational trauma, mindfulness in the therapeutic dyad and building self-compassion.

Jenn received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University, a JD/MBA degree from New York University and an MA in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has trained extensively in AEDP, including a year of core training and long term supervision with Dr. SueAnne Piliero as well as supervision with Dr. Eileen Russell and Dr. Fosha.

Jenn brings a natural warmth, ease and authenticity to her work with clients as well as to her supervision, teaching and other work in the AEDP community. She sees supervision as a powerful way to undo the aloneness we feel as therapists and enjoys meeting therapists wherever they are in their AEDP journey.

Location: OMSI Fishbowl (Parking onsite is included with registration) Portland, OR

6.5 CEU’s will be available (application is in process)

Please note: In order to protect client confidentiality, registration for this workshop is limited to practitioners who have the training and educational qualifications to legally practice as a mental health practitioner, or who are enrolled in formal training to work in the field.


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